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There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about composite panel cladding. It’s a growing trend that has been simplifying the lives of designers and builders alike, and the best in the industry are able to offer a stunning variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. What are composite panels, and what makes them so special? Taking a minute to learn more about this versatile wall cladding option can help ensure that your next project looks its very best as quickly as possible, and more cost effectively than a lot of other choices on the market today.



What is Composite Panel Cladding?


Composite panel cladding, sometimes referred to as ACM (aluminum composite material) panels, is a wall cladding solution designed to fit together such that a smooth, sleek, and modern finish is attained. It’s quite a bit stronger and better looking than vinyl, and doesn’t need the frequent maintenance that paint or concrete does in the harsh conditions buildings endure during winter and summer months. It’s easy to install, lightweight, and can be used to block the sun and even to add a layer of insulation to a building. The best composite panel cladding is made from painted coils of aluminum that have been cut and formed into pieces that fit together in an elegant tongue and grove system.



Fast Installation


One of the factors that make composite panel cladding so popular is the ease and speed at which the product can be installed on any wall, indoors or out. First, aluminum rails are mounted to the wall, followed by special trim designed to fit around doors, windows, ventilation, and any other opening in the surface. The first panel is carefully leveled and installed at the top of the wall, and subsequent panels in the same column are mounted to the rails and the panel above. The entire process is clean and moves at a surprising pace.





When it comes to making substantial purchases for your home or business, it never hurts to find a product with a great warranty. A strong warranty is a vital indicator of the quality of the product in question. Generally, the longer the warranty, the better the quality of the product. A company that doesn’t provide a warranty knows that it isn’t worth their time or money to stand behind a product they understand to be inferior. The most sought after ACM panel fabricators offer a warranty of up to forty years. It’s hard to argue with a warranty that lasts four decades.


While there’s certainly no shortage of options for those looking to create a beautiful space, it’s hard to argue with the flexibility and sophistication of composite panel cladding. ACM panels can create some truly breathtaking, but care must be taken in choosing the right product for your unique needs. Be sure to purchase only from a company able to provide a comprehensive and long lasting warranty to help protect your investment. Contact the best composite panel cladding company in the GTA to discover the incredible variety available for your next project!

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